​                                   Dedications & Acknowledgements

​This book is dedicated to the true loves of my life… my daughter Jessica, my daughter Katelin, my son Kyin, my husband Pip (Phillip) and my incredible grandsons Talambe, Malakai, Coen and Jarli.  The love, devotion and the support you all have given me since you came into my life is the reason why I exist.  I am whole knowing I have each of you and all of you with me at all times, either in physical presence or in spirit.  Knowing the true essence of each of you means that I also know that no matter what challenge life throws my way, I will never have to face it alone because you will always be there holding my hand.  I will never stop loving you and devoting my life to making sure that we all live happily ever after. 

To my Mum, Kay Parker… all that you are and all that you’ve done has always been for the betterment of your children.  You haven’t wasted your life but instead devoted it to making sure that your 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and currently 5 great grandchildren will always have, be and do everything we choose too.  I am the great mother I am today because you showed me how. Thank you.

 To my Dad, Reg Parker…watching you always having a go, regardless of the risks and the uncertainties of success, is the reason why I do the same today.  You helped me realise that no one can ever really know what outcome can be achieved until we try to achieve it.  You also taught me that just because one thing didn’t work out the way we had hoped it too, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try something else.  I have succeeded because you showed me how. Thank you.

 I would also like to acknowledge all the people who have earned the right to be on my expanded association list.  Sadly, there are too many of you to mention here personally but you will know who you are as you read this book as I will mention your name when I share how you changed my life for the better forever.  Every one of you helped me take giant leaps forward at times where I just wanted to retreat into a hole, never to see the light of day again.   Each of you get to claim your right by my side as each of you stood by me during the hardest times in my life.  I want you all to know that it is easy for someone to be by your side when things are going great in the world, but it takes a very special individual to be by someone’s side when their world is turning upside down. I will be forever grateful for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 And lastly, I acknowledge how the people, whose negative, pseudo-monistic (one-sided) viewpoints on how I should live my life, helped me to navigate to my desired destination.  At the time, your actions were like massive storms, high grade cyclones, and damaging tornados, designed to destroy me and make me conform to your way of living.  But what you failed to see, because you were so consumed in your own darkness, was the shining light that emanated from me.  This shining light was originally gifted to you to help you see your way out of that darkness, so you too could live a good life but all you ever tried to do was take it away from me.  I want you to know that I have decided to share our story in this book not because I want to make you feel bad or ashamed or embarrassed, but instead as a way of helping other people to understand that they too can get through whatever challenges life throws their way, just by making better decisions. It’s never too late to change for the better.despite this darkness, then our world would be so much brighter. 

The following is one of the most magical philosophy’s that I have ever had the privilege of learning. It was shared with our world by a person who wished to remain unknown, but it has become one of the driving forces behind every decision I have ever made. It reads…

                                      “All it takes for evil to conquer is for a good man/woman to do nothing”.

To the person who made this statement, I want you to know that I am humbly grateful for your wisdom…your words helped me to realise that I am a good person and I will always do my part to make our world a great place for all.

Every day I am eternally thankful and grateful that I never gave up on me despite the tears, the fears, the pain, the anguish, the loneliness and the frustration. During the darkest time of my life I asked myself if these things were happening to me because I was a bad person? My inner self responded with a resounding “NO… you are a good person, you just need to make better decisions”.  So, I did.

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