No matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, no matter how nice you are and no matter how many people you strive to help, at some point in your life you are going to be faced with a life changing event that is so big that it will rock you to your core, turn your life plans upside down and inside out and possibly fill your world with so much sadness and darkness that you start to think that it would be easier for you and your family if you weren’t around anymore.  But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way and that if you’re willing to take the time to read this book that you will, like I did, learn and apply mindfulness philosophy techniques and strategies on how you can confront challenges head on despite their nature, sort through them methodically and ultimately keep moving towards your better life, no matter how bad things seem at the time and no matter how many times challenges come your way.

I am 47 years old and I have endured a lifetime of challenges ranging from being bullied as a child, sexually assaulted as a teenager and then, as an adult, having to endure the emotional and physical pain of losing 2 babies during pregnancy, almost losing my 2 daughters to life-threatening diseases, me being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that mimics the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis created by years of anxiety and stress, all the while, living through the mental and physical abuse imposed upon me from certain individuals in my life who were meant to keep me safe.  And let’s not forget the extreme financial hardship that almost bankrupted me. Yet, I find myself today, and every day, waking up at 5am with the biggest smile on my face, a fire in my belly, and passion in my soul to make this day the best day ever so that I can live my personally designed reality, my better life, as the beautiful, amazing, confident, extremely successful, financially independent, very sexy, much loved woman that I am. And who in their right mind doesn’t want to live a better life, right? So, I’ve written this book as my way of sharing with you, in a neat little parcel, all the dark times that almost destroyed me but also all of the mindfulness philosophy techniques and strategies I have researched, developed, learned and applied with success over the past 24 years that helped me to be who I want to be and to live a life that I want to live.  And now, I want to help you to feel the same way about yourself every time you open your eyes to face the brand-new day regardless of the nature or the severity of the helplessness you are feeling from the challenge you are currently facing or have faced in your lifetime.  I have learnt that challenges come in all different shapes and sizes, in varying degrees and at the most unsuspecting times. Each challenge is also non-selective, impartial, unbiased, and non-discriminative which literally means that regardless of who’s who in the zoo, everyone will, at some point, experience a life changing event that may stop them dead in their tracks. And that’s not the worst of it, if you’re like me, you may find yourself experiencing challenge after challenge after challenge. So, don’t think for one minute that this journey forward will be easy now that you are reading my book because I am here to say it won’t be.  But what it will be, just like it was for me, is a journey worth travelling so long as you are willing to take the first step and to never stop moving forward and taking positive action daily. 

Effecting My Reality – Living Life By My Design is a step by step guide on how I used mindfulness philosophy and immediate positive action, without abusing prescription medication, alcohol and food, or using illegal substances or violence towards others, albeit physical or mental, to ultimately get through the effects of every challenge I have faced to live a better life, a life that I desire to live.  I learnt early on that my challenges were my challenges and thus I must work out the way to overcome them to live my desired life otherwise I was going to find myself stuck living in the darkness that was consuming me at the time.  I also learnt that blaming others, playing the victim, not taking responsibility for my actions and pretending ‘it’ wasn’t happening or didn’t happen, didn’t work either and that these methods just found me digging deeper holes for myself.   And as I mentioned earlier, this process hasn’t been easy, but it has definitely been worth it, and if there is anything that I can say at this present time to encourage you to read my book and learn what I did and thus apply it to your life, is this, “I believe in you and I am proud that you are contemplating this change for your life.  And if you just take this first step, then you too will see that you, like me, are worthy of the investment”.

So, don’t wait any longer, take this book to the checkout right now and invest in your opportunity to effect your very own desired reality. Then find yourself a comfortable place where you can immerse yourself in my story and my life’s lessons and ultimately find yourself experiencing the intrinsic power of strength, courage and confidence that will emanate from the pages so that you too can effect your own desired reality instead of feeling that you have to live the reality that others and/or events are depicting for you.  I want you to enjoy this new journey and remember to share my book and what you have learnt with someone else, as I have also come to learn and experience personally that it is people helping people to be better, to be stronger, to be courageous, to be confident that makes our world a better place for all to live in.  

Please stand with me now and raise your glass in a toast to us. May we all live our lives by our design and thus effect our own desired reality.


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Effecting My Reality - Living Life By My Design

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